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Southwest Airlines Reservations: A low-cost US Company, its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Southwest Airline flies to many destinations Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, Midway, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando and many more destinations. Southwest Airlines Flight Status or Southwest Airlines has about 58,000 employees as on September 2018 and it also operates about 4,000 departures a day during the peak travel season.

Southwest Airlines added 10 new destination countries they are-

  • Mexico
  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • Jamaica
  • Bahamas
  • Dominican Republic
  • Aruba
  • Grand Cayman
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Cuba

Southwest Airlines provides the best services to its customers, that's what makes it best airlines company. It bestows the low fares and best deals on the tickets reservations. It listed on the top best low fares bestows airlines company. It also provides the best services to their customers. Because of the large scale airlines around 58000 employees worked in the company.

Here is the mention of some popular routes and destinations of the Southwest Airlines Reservations-

  • Flights to Atlanta (ATL)
    • Chicago (MDW) to Atlanta (ATL)
Flights to Baltimore/Washington (BWI)
  • Orlando (MCO) to Baltimore/Washington (BWI)
  • San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) to Baltimore/Washington (BWI)
Flights to Burbank (BUR)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Burbank (BUR)
Flights to Chicago (MDW)
  • Atlanta (ATL) to Chicago (MDW)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Chicago (MDW)
Flights to Dallas (DAL)
  • Houston (HOU) to Dallas (DAL)
Flights to Denver (DEN)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Denver (DEN)
  • Phoenix (PHX) to Denver (DEN)
Flights to Houston (HOU)
  • Dallas (DAL) to Houston (HOU)
Flights to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Burbank (BUR) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Chicago (MDW) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Denver (DEN) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Los Angeles (LAX) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Oakland (OAK) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Phoenix (PHX) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Sacramento (SMF) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • San Diego (SAN) to Las Vegas (LAS)
  • San Jose (SJC) to Las Vegas (LAS)
Flights to Los Angeles (LAX)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Flights to Oakland (OAK)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights to Orlando (MCO)
  • Baltimore/Washington (BWI) to Orlando (MCO)
Flights to Phoenix (PHX)
  • Denver (DEN) to Phoenix (PHX)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Phoenix (PHX)
Flights to Sacramento (SMF)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Sacramento (SMF)
Flights to San Diego (SAN)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to San Diego (SAN)
Flights to San Diego (SAN)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to San Diego (SAN)
Flights to San Jose (SJC)
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to San Jose (SJC)

Above are the popular routes and destinations.

Southwest Airlines Flights Status

Today people can easily track their flights know flight on time status. Southwest Airlines Flights also can track easily by using flight tracker tool. When using the flight tracker tool you have to know the following details - flight number and airport codes and you have to get the on-time flight status.

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